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Axanar failed due to the dubious actions and bad decisions of Alec Peters, Jr., long before it was sued in to submission by CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures.

Learn all about the debacle that led to the easily avoidable litigation in the participants' own words and decide for yourself.

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  • Review the official federal court filings & rulings
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  • Read internal emails & private message histories
  • View previously unreleased on-set, behind-the-scenes & visual effects footage
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As an accredited journalist and film maker, AxaMonitor's editor, Carlos Pedraza, has been diligently exposing the ongoing public implosion of Axanar Productions since 2015, well before the litigation demanded by CBS Studios and Paramount Pictures brought the high-promise, low-delivery "fan film" and its owner to their knees.

Carlos' investigative reporting has exposed many disturbing details on how Alec Peters, Jr. squandered nearly $1.6 million in donated cash from three crowdfunding campaigns without fulfilling the overwhelming majority of promises made to the original donors before using additional funds raised by a fourth crowdfunding campaign to escape the jurisdiction and move out-of-state. Other hard-hitting pieces include reports on the continued hypocritical attempts of Peters to lay blame for Axanar's failure on anyone but himself, despite being the sole decision maker and the only person with spending authority over the donated funds. Peters is also synonymous with irrational public attacks toward the many now-critical donors and former production members who financed or unwittingly enabled his clandestine plans for a lifestyle upgrade, which is well documented through years of public and private comments, whistle blowers, and court records.

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